Drunk Man Drives into Swamp while Eating Fried Chicken is Rescued by Police

Drunk Man Drives into Swamp While Eating Fried Chicken

Danny Mallicoat was rescued by police on Wednesday after he drove his vehicle into a swamp. According to police, Mallicoat drove into a business on SR 43. Then, he drove through the lot, alongside the building, then out of the lot, and into a swamp. Sergeant Knarr and Officer Putnam were able to wade into the swamp and help him out of his vehicle. After he was on solid ground again, the officers began an OVI investigation.

Sgt. Knarr performed a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGM) test by asking Mallicoat to follow his finger with his eyes. Mallicoat misunderstood the directions and instead followed Sgt. Knarr’s finger with his own finger. Chief David Oliver said on the Broomfield Police Department Facebook page, “The driver page homage to E.T. by following Sgt. Knarr’s finger with his own finger instead of using his eyes….Land sakes!!”

Mallicoat was reportedly eating fried chicken when he went into the swamp. Initial tests show that his blood alcohol level was .206%, which is more than double the legal limit in Ohio. Mallicoat was arrested for OVI.

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