DUI Conviction Keeps International Couple Separated

Many do not realize that Canada has strict limits on those you can enter the country, even for recreation and tourism. One couple found out the hard way that the restrictions apply to those with a DUI conviction.

David Williams, an American, and Janeane Ardiel, a Canadian, married five months ago and now find themselves limited to meetings at the border. Williams was convicted of driving under the influence 6 years ago. Canada denies entry to those with a felony conviction as well as many with misdemeanor offenses such as reckless driving, theft, drug possession and drunk driving. It does not matter how long ago the offense occurred.

To make matters worse, in July US border agents noticed Ardiel’s near weekly visits to the United States and denied her entry because of fears that she would seek to live in the country rather than just visit. She was photographed, fingerprinted and told not to try to enter the US again for six months.

The couple is in the process of seeking a green card for Ardiel, though the process can take six months or longer. Williams can seek to prove ‘rehabilitation’ for his past DUI arrest but it is not a simple process and he reportedly has more pressing economic priorities at the moment.

In the mean time, the couple meets at the Peace Arch near Blaine Washington, a no-man’s land along the international border accessible to both without technically leaving their respective countries.

Do you know someone who has been arrested for drunk driving recently?

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