Drunk Teen Suspected of Killing Boy on Sidewalk

Drunk Teen Suspected of Killing Boy on Sidewalk

KHOU reported that “authorities have identified the driver who fatally struck a 7-year-old boy, Brandon Abrams, on Thursday night as 17-year-old Luis Landin.” Police officials from San Antonio, Texas, the site of the accident, determined that Landin had been driving drunk when he lost control of his vehicle. Landin was driving a white pickup truck, near 900 block of Autumn, when he hit Abrams, who was only playing with his bike near the sidewalk.

It was discovered that  Abrams “was near his home when the accident happened. His parents were on the scene and his mother was the first to perform CPR.” Medical personnel responded fairly quick to the incident and transported Abrams on a medical helicopter to University Hospital, “where he was pronounced death.”

According to San Antonio investigators, Landin stated that “he dropped his phone and was picking it up when he slammed into the boy.” He was arrested and taken to the Bexar County Jail for intoxication manslaughter and driving drunk charges. Landin received a bond of $100,000. No more details about the accident were disclosed. Landin’s driving speed, at the time of the accident, has not been determined.

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