Antonio Canderlaria Calls Police On Himself For DUI

Drunk Man Calls Police On Himself

Antonio Canderlaria has had several DUI offenses in the past and can add one more to the list after calling cops on himself. Apparently, Canderlaria was at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in his own driveway, when he got pinned under his motorcycle and had to call police for help. When they arrived, they found that his blood alcohol content(BAC) was .16%, which is twice the legal limit of .08%. Canderlaria had got his foot stuck under the motorcycle and couldn’t get out from under it on his own, possibly because he was too intoxicated. It’s odd though that Antonio Canderlaria couldn’t have asked a family member, friend or neighbor for help and instead chose to turn himself in, which could be a cry for attention or maybe even help with alcohol abuse.

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