Drunk Father Kills Daughter Walking Her Dog

AutoMother Makes Tearful Plea in Court

Merced, CA – A man arrested for drunkenly running over and killing his
own child faces DUI and manslaughter charges in Merced County in
California’s Central Valley. According to the California Highway Patrol,
Silva was driving his SUV home on Tuesday night when he ran into his
7-year-old daughter, who had gone out to take the dog for a walk.

At the trial, the wife of Jesus Silva told the county judge that she
forgives her husband, that he was a wonderful father, and that he merits
the right to be attend his daughter’s funeral. The judge agreed to grant
Silva a pass to be present at his daughter’s funeral, but also doubled
the bail to $150,000 Friday on DUI and manslaughter charges.

October 15, 2004

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