Drunk Driver Thinks YouTube Confession Hurt Him

Drunk Driver Thinks YouTube Confession Hurt Him

In an attempt to do the right thing and take responsibility of his actions, a drunk driver, Matthew Cordle,  submitted a DWI manslaughter confession through YouTube earlier in September.  However, Cordle now has reason to believe that instead of helping him, the video might have actually worked against him. USA Today reported that he might have gotten a lighter sentence had he not made the now-famous recording.

According to the news story, Cordle recognized that his case wouldn’t have received as much attention as it did if he hadn’t made a public video and posted it on YouTube. His drunk driving confession video has received approximately more than 2 million views. Cordle stated, “The video got a lot of attention and required appropriate reaction from the court…if I didn’t make the video and quietly did this, I may have gotten a lighter sentence.” By Ohio law, Cordle could’ve received anywhere between 2-8 1/2 years in prison for his drunk driving and manslaughter case. He was sentenced to 6 1/2 years and publicly said, “As much as I feel guilty for saying something like this, it has given me a purpose now — something I can grasp on to and spend the rest of my life fighting for.”

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