Drunk Driver Rolls into Restricted Police Parking Lot

Drunk Driver Parks in Parking Lot Reserved for Police

Drunk DriverAccording to New England Cable News, a drunk driver in New Hampshire parked in a restricted parking lot for the vehicles of police officers and fell asleep in his car. He left his car running, which was parked about 15 feet away from a couple of police cruisers, and reportedly passed out.

A couple of minutes later, an officer wakes up the man and asks him to perform field sobriety tests. The man told officers he was in Dracut, which was 20 minutes south of where he was located. The man, 31-year-old Jonathan Sullivan was arrested. It was not his first drunk driving arrest in New Hampshire, and he is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 28.

Police said that Sullivan could have been released on $500 personal recognizance but he was too intoxicated to be able to contact anyone to help him make bail.

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