Drunk Driver Michael Snider Crashes 17 Times, Kills One Person

70 Year Old Drunk Driver Crashes 17 Times

Police are reporting that a 70-year-old man is the culprit of 17 DUI hit-and-runs that resulted in a fatal crash in the Atlantic suburbs on Wednesday night. Police say that Michael Owen Snider repeatedly drove his pickup truck into other motorists; one of those motorists was 51-year-old Yeshihareg Abebe whose gray Toyota Camry slammed into the back of a tractor trailer due to the impact of Snider’s truck. Her passenger, 69-year-old Mintiwab Woldeyhans died on the scene. After that, Snider crashed his truck into John Boy’s Home Cooking Restaurant where he knocked down a pillar.

According to investigators, the string of hit-and-run crashes began in DeKalb County where Snider allegedly hit five different vehicles which caused five separate accidents. Snider then drove to Gwinnett County where he was involved in 12 hit-and-run accidents, the last one being the collision with the gray Toyota Camry. When Snider got out of his truck, witnesses pinned him against the wall.

Dennis Brown spoke to Channel 2 Action News about the event, and said that Snider had purposefully ran his truck into the back of his Chrysler Pacifica. Brown said, “He intentionally tried to hit me, so that’s when he chased me, literally he chased me, on the road. It was like a video game. Really, I couldn’t believe he was trying to do that.” In a separate incident, Manuel and Jenetta Johnson reported that Snider had hit their sedean repeatedly on the highway. Jenetta said, “I just thought we were going to die. I just knew he was going to kill us. He would not stop hitting us. He was just ramming us and ramming us, and then he hit the gas and went around.”

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