Drunk Driver Leads Police Chase To Finish Hamburger

Drunk Driver Leads Police Chase To Finish Hamburger

TIME reported that Randall W. Miller, a drunk driver in Ohio, led police on a car chase because, he told the officers afterward, he wanted to finish his Big Mac. According to the article, a bystander had called police officials to notify them of an SUV that appeared to be driving recklessly and almost hit him. It was then that officers  spotted (Miller’s) SUV swerve out of a McDonald’s drive-thru. It was mentioned that the officers spent a good amount of time chasing the drunk driver, Miller, before he decided to make a stop. Miller, who is 31 years old, apologized and told police that he wanted to finish his Big Mac before he stopped. In addition, he told the officers that he drank 10-15 beers. Tests later proved that his blood alcohol content level was .255, which is 3 times above the legal limit. The drunk driver was charged with a OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) and for violating several traffic laws. Apparently, Miller had also been driving without a driver’s license…good thing he was able to finish his hamburger!

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