Drunk Driver Kills Tow-Truck Driver

Drunk Driver Kills Tow-Truck Driver

On Sunday morning, Faapuna Manu, a California tow-truck driver was run over and killed by a drunk driver near the 405 Freeway in Long Beach, California. Sources stated that  Manu “stopped along the freeway’s right shoulder near the Orange Avenue exit about 2 a.m. to help the stranded driver…and he was standing at the driver’s door of his truck inflating a spare tire when a Toyota veered onto the shoulder, striking him and the vehicle.” California Highway Patrol stated that Manu experienced an instantaneous death and was announced dead at the scene of crime.

Raymond Burley, the Toyota driver, was imprisoned for strong suspicions of drunk driving.    Burley, 26 years old, received minor injuries from the accident. Relatives and friends of Manu, 27 years old, told sources that he “was a father of three and ‘full of life’.” Reginald Hughes, who went to church services with Manu, stated: “He was an extraordinary guy…whatever he did, he did a good job.” In addition, Michael Harris, who is Manu’s cousin, said that “Manu was ‘a lot of fun’…he was the guy to be around…it’s going to be tough this holiday without him.”

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