Drunk Driver Kills Pregnant Mom

Drunk Driver Kills Pregnant Mom

Drunk Driver Kills Pregnant Mom

On Sunday, at approximately 10 p.m., a drunk driver killed a pregnant mom after speeding and crashing his pickup truck into her van. Thomas Jeremy Dick, drunk driver, caused the death of 19 year old Tiffany Ann Woodham, who was nine months pregnant. Woodham was a left-rear passenger in the van and received severe trauma. She and the baby died on the way to the hospital due to injuries received from the crash.

Dick was taken to the hospital, where he was under sheriff custody. Monday morning he was transferred to Polk County jail and was charged with “two counts of vehicular homicide, two counts of driving under the influence-manslaughter, two counts of DUI involving serious bodily injury, DUI crash involving property damage and DUI.” Police investigation determined that Dick’s blood-alcohol content level had been 0.131, which clearly violated Florida’s legal limit of .08%.

Legal sources stated that Woodham was being driven by Tawnya T. White, 32, in a 2010 Chrysler van on U.S. 27 southbound at Cypress Gardens Boulevard. They were stopped at a red light  that had just turned green when Dick’s 2012 Silver Dodge Ram pickup truck rear-ended them. Investigation showed that Dick had been driving 20 mph over the speed limit.  In addition, witnesses told the sheriff’s office that they thought the “driver was driving recklessly and…may be impaired.”

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