Drunk Driver Gets Killed in Crash

Drunk Driver Gets Killed in Crash

KRQE stated that Ladell Light, a drunk driver, has died after leading police on a high speed chase which ended in a multi-vehicle crash. Police officials from Farmington, New Mexico responded to someone’s 911 phone call reporting the suspicion of a drunk driver driving a vehicle near Walmart on Main Street. According to police reports, a legal officer approached Light, who was pumping gas, and noticed that he showed obvious signs of impairment. The police officer tried to prevent Light from driving his car, however, Light managed to get back in the car and drive away. It was reported that the legal officer ran back to his police unit to pursue the subject and called out on the radio that a suspected drunk driver had fled. 

Not too far away, another legal officer spotted Light’s drunk driving and speeding. It was said that Light was driving at a high rate of speed, swerving into oncoming traffic consequently coming close to causing several accidents. The police officer began to chase Light, when he crashed into another car, hit a pick up truck, and hit a third car. It was noted that Light received critical injuries and was taken to the nearest hospital, where he was declared dead. Local police officials are still working on the details of the case.

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