Drunk Driver Gets 5 Years for DWI

Drunk Driver Gets 5 Years for DWI

The Dallas Morning News reported that a drunk driver, Oscar Flores, was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for crashing his pickup while drunk last summer, disfiguring his 3-year-old daughter. On July 12, in Dallas, TX, Flores decided to take a “shortcut” behind some stores and was driving at a fast velocity when he crashed into a wall. His vehicle was totaled and trapped him and his family inside.

Investigators stated that his 3 year old daughter was sitting in the front seat instead of the child safety seat found in the back, and that she was restrained by the seat belt.  One of the Dallas legal investigators,  Ricardo Rodriguez, said that  the girl was most likely struck by the truck’s radio, which came loose in the crash. She was severely injured and transported to the Children’s Medical Center, where she received a 4-in laceration across her forehead that cut into her skull.

The drunk driver and his stepson, who was also drunk, received minor injuries and were taken to Baylor University Medical Center. It was determined that both had been drinking vodka and were on their way to buy alcohol mixers at the time of the crash. Flores was administered several field sobriety tests, which showed that his blood alcohol content level was 0.266, slightly more than three times the legal limit. According to the news story, the child was left with a notable scar on her forehead. One of the officers stated, “Every day she is going to have to look in a mirror and remember this crash.” Although the drunk driver, Flores, could’ve received probation, the jurors decided to give him five years of prison for the third-degree felony.

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