Drunk Driver Flees After Wrecking Into Children’s Bedroom

Drunk Driver Flees After Wrecking Into Children’s Bedroom

Drunk Driver Wrecks Into Children's Bedroom

On Sunday, October 28, Connecticut police personnel responded to an emergency phone call from a two-apartment home that had been crashed by a 2003 Toyota Avalon. Officers immediately rushed to the home, where they found residents Gregory and Elizabeth Torres trapped under the debris caused by the accident. They were rushed to the Hartford Hospital for “blunt trauma” and minor injuries. The motorist fled the crime scene and left the car abandoned.

Sgt. Scott Custer, public information police officer, stated: “We’re believing the car left the roadway at 80 miles per hour when it went through the house…we’re extremely fortunate that no one was seriously injured…there were younger children who lived in the house, but had been sleeping over at a relative’s, and the car went right through the children’s bedroom.” 

Connecticut police diligently searched for the drivers responsible for the wreck. Luckily, they found Gregory Simeon, 18, and an unnamed juvenile, 17, walking along Dart Hill Road. At first the two males denied taking any part in the accident. However, after police continued to question the two males, they finally admitted that they were both passengers in the Toyota Avalon that crashed into the home. Moments later, police found the driver, Jeffrey Daigneault, walking near the Cumberland Farms in Ellington. It was determined that he had been drunk driving. Daigneault was “charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving. He was released on a $5,000 non-surety bond, and was scheduled to appear in Manchester Superior Court on Monday, Nov. 5.”

Prior to the accident, the three individuals had “dine-and-dashed” at Denny’s, leaving the restaurant with an unpaid check. It was also determined that the vehicle had been borrowed from a woman Daigneault met a while back.

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