Drunk Driver Crashes Into Pub

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Pub

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Pub

Drunk driver, Leigh Brennan, crashed his Volvo car into the Three Elms pub in Brixham, Devon at a speed of 60 mph. Sources stated that Brennan, who is 45 years old,  had “already injured two others after crashing into a Mini before speeding off from the scene and in his Volvo estate car.” Moments before the crash, there was a group of customers smoking outside the pub’s door. It is a miracle that none of them were injured.

When Brennan crashed into the pub, he left the landlord- Kevin O’Neill- “seriously injured under a pile of rubble.” Devon rescuers faced great difficulty rescuing O’Neill from the debris. It was discovered that O’Neill’s critical injuries consisted of a crushed pelvis, broken ribs, and various spinal injuries. “He spent three days in intensive care and required three operations.” 

Brennan struggled to get out of the car and aggravated police officials. Sources claimed that he refused to take a BAC test along with any field sobriety tests. However, witnesses were able to affirm his drunkenness. Brennan was imprisoned for twelve months and lost his privilege to operate a vehicle for two years. Police officials released the footage of the accident to alert drivers about the consequences of driving drunk.

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