Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police

The Chicago Tribune reported that Daniel Magana, a drunk driver in Hammond, Indiana, was charged with a DUI after colliding with a police SUV and injuring two police officers and a passenger that was in the vehicle at that moment. It was stated that Magana admitted he had drunk about 14 beers.  The police SUV was allegedly stationed in a local street when Magana struck it head-on, at about 4 a.m. Hector Alfaro, who is the Police News Affairs Officer, stated that the police officers had been completing paperwork from another traffic crash. The passenger that was sitting in the back seat of the police SUV, at the time of the accident, and one of the police officers were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The other police official was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. It was confirmed that they were all stable and did not receive serious injuries.

A police report stated that Magana told police he had been drinking and had fallen asleep at the wheel. He was arrested and taken to the Near North District police station. Police officers stated that Magana had difficulty trying to maintain his posture and taking an alcohol breath test. He told police he’d had the 14 cups of beer while at the Cubs game Saturday at Wrigley Field and after the game at the home of a friend. Magana’s blood alcohol content level marked up to be .0193, which exceeds Chicago’s legal limit of .08. He received various charges: two misdemeanor DUIs, one misdemeanor for reckless driving, and another for violating traffic laws.

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