Drunk Driver Crashes Into Fire Station

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Fire Station

AZ Central reported that Cher Lyn, a drunk driver in Sedona, Arizona, crashed into Fire District Station #3, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Lyn, 53 years old, was driving her 2004 Jeep Liberty when she collided into the bay door of the fire station and hit the engine. According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Lyn caused serious damage to the fire engine and station. A statement was released to the public stating the following: “The crash caused injury to the driver, major damage to the Jeep Liberty, a bay door, and significant damage to a Sedona Fire District Engine Number E532.” Lyn received some injuries and was taken to the nearest hospital for medical attention. In addition, she was arrested for suspicion of DWI and criminal charges, and taken to the Camp Verde Detention Center.  It was noted that to repair all the damages for the fire station and the vehicle will be very costly. The case is still undergoing investigation and Lyn’s blood alcohol test results have not yet been released.

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