Drunk Driver Crashes Eight Times in One Mile

Drunk Driver Crashes Eight Times Before Stopping

A man in Connecticut was so intoxicated that he crashed his car eight times in one mile before finally slamming into a pole on Tuesday night. Jack Jablonski, 48, of Plymouth, has been charged with DUI and eight separate counts of failure to drive right and seven counts of evading responsibility. After posting a $5,000 bond he was released from jail.

The string of accidents began around 7pm. Police received a phone call from a resident who reported a car accident. An officer was dispatched to the scene only to find Jablonski, alone, and in a damaged car wrapped around a utility pole. He was stuck so far into the pole that he could not back his vehicle out of it.

Capt. Brian Mullins reported that Jablonski had slurred speech and reeked of alcohol. Police reported that Jablonksi slammed into a pair of mailboxes, a speed limit sign, and a utility pole. He continued driving, and then crashed into another speed limit sign, and turned left onto West Main Street, and then struck two parked cars. He turned his vehicle around and continued driving but he crashed into another pole, where his car became stuck. Jablonski was inebriated beyond the point of being able to explain to police which path he had taken. He declined a Breathalyzer on the scene, and was arrested for drunk driving.

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