Drunk Driver Crashes Into Beauty Salon And Gets DWI

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Beauty Salon And Gets DWI

River Falls Journal reported that in River Falls, Wisconsin, a drunk driver crashed into a beauty salon and received a DWI. The drunk driver, which remained unnamed, is a 43 year old local from the town. According to the news story, last Wednesday, he stopped at Little Caesars for a pizza and claimed his parked Ford pickup truck went backwards on its own into the entry glass door of Tip Top Nails salon. The drunk driver supposedly told police officials that his truck’s gears don’t always stay fastened. The story also stated that he told police officials that he had been drinking quite a lot. He was administered several field sobriety tests, which he failed, and was then arrested. Fortunately, nobody reported any injuries or was hurt. The only damages done were to the beauty salon’s foundation, which was reportedly pushed in. No further information was released pertaining the drunk driver’s legal case.

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