Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Accident

Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Accident

KTVU San Francisco stated that a drunk driver, Annelise McKay, was driving on the wrong lane of Highway 24 and caused a horrific head-on crash that claimed the life of another driver. According to Jonathan Fransen, a police officer, McKay was driving her silver Toyota Avalon when she crashed head-on with a red Geo Metro. The collision then caused the Geo Metro to sideswipe a Buick Century. It was noted that McKay, who is only 20 years old, received minor injuries. She was taken to John Muir Medical Center and was later arrested for drunk driving. Alvaro Santos Cruz, the 51 year old driver of the Geo Metro, was declared dead at the scene. The Buick driver also received minor injuries and was taken to the nearest hospital for medical attention. Consequently, Highway 24 was shut down for roughly 3 hours because of the deadly vehicle accident that was caused by the drunk driver. No details regarding McKay’s legal charges were released.

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