Drunk Driver Causes 3 Accidents In 30 Minutes

Drunk Driver Causes 3 Accidents In 30 Minutes

The Jersey Journal reported that drunk driver, John Leahy, caused three different accidents within 30 minutes on Tuesday. Consequently, Leahy was charged with a DUI. It was determined that Leahy, 46 years old and a local from Bayonne, was driving intoxicated at the time of the accidents. Police officials stated that Leahy’s first accident occurred as he was driving eastbound on 30th Street near the intersection of Avenue E  when he rear-ended a Chevy HHR. Leahy exchanged contact and insurance information with the other individual before departing from the scene. The second accident occurred a block away, when he struck a driver stopped at a red light. It was noted that Leahy did not exchange information with this person and just drove away. The third accident happened when Leahy tried to make a left turn after running a red traffic light and was hit by a Nissan Quest. The Nissan Quest spun out of control and struck an Acura TL in the northbound lane. 

Police officials immediately responded to the accident scene and reported that Leahy had watery eyes and alcohol on his breath.  He received minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. Likewise, the driver from the Nissan Quest was also taken to the hospital for chest pain. No  other persons involved in the accidents reported injuries. In addition to the DUI charge, Leahy was also given multiple charges for failure to report a motor vehicle accident, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to observe a red light and having an open container in a vehicle.

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