Drunk Driver Calls Drunk Girlfriend to Accident Scene

California Highway Patrol officers responded to reports of a single vehicle accident in Santa Rosa Tuesday night. They found a Toyota pick-up truck on its side in the roadway. Firefighters who had arrived on the scene first told the officers that the driver had walked off down the street. The driver, Brandon Cheney, was soon found and he reported that his truck had been stolen and he had been running after it. The officers did not buy the story and initiated a drunk driving investigation. Cheney failed to walk in a straight line and was soon under arrest for driving under the influence in California.

As the scene was being cleaned up, a woman drove up in a Volkswagen Passat and said she had received a phone call from her boyfriend Cheney saying that he had been in an accident. Something aroused the officers’ suspicions and they asked the driver, Jennifer O’Neal, to submit to a field sobriety test too. She too was determined to be driving impaired.

Cheney, 23, and O’Neal, 29, spent the night in the Sonoma County Jail. Cheney has two prior convictions for California DUI on his record, as well as arrests for street racing and driving with a suspended license.

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