Drunk Driver Blames His DUI on Obama’s Re-Election

Drunk Driver Blames His DUI on Obama’s Re-Election

Drunk Driver Blames His DUI on Obama's Re-Election

On Monday evening, Reginald Arnez Roberson was stopped by Florida deputies from St. Johns County. Roberson, a resident from Palm Coast, Florida, was driving a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer when deputies stopped him for driving 35 mph over the speed limit and speeding through a red light.

According to statements from the police report, “when deputies pulled over the car…Roberson couldn’t find his driver’s license and almost fell to the ground when exiting his car and had to be held up numerous times by the deputy.” Sources claim that when Roberson was getting arrested, he told the deputies: “just take me to jail. I know I had too much to drink.”

Supposedly, Roberson then became very aggressive and told one of the deputies that the only reason he stopped him was “because he was black…and the deputy ‘was mad Obama won’…and that he was ‘dumb redneck’…” In addition, he swore and threatened to cause harm to the deputy’s family. It was determined that this was Roberson’s fourth time admitted to St. Johns County Jail.

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