Drunk Cops Refuse Sobriety Tests in Florida

Reports show that Florida police stopped for suspicion of DUI periodically refuse to take the same field sobriety tests they expect the public to perform.

While appearing drunk after a car crash that injured his passenger, Port Orange Florida police officer David Chapman refused to perform the standard field sobriety tests or submit to a breathalyzer test. Though ultimately charged with DUI, his actions reflect the recommendations of Florida DUI defense attorneys who say you should never submit to field sobriety tests, perform a breath test or provide blood samples if stopped for suspicion of DUI.

That strategy worked for the Ponce Inlet police chief who refused a breathalyzer test and was able to regain his driver’s license within seven months. A Daytona Beach detective also refused a breath test and her arrest charge was reduced to reckless driving.

It appears the police know the system and, while responsible social drinking should be the norm, the public should learn to refuse all DUI tests if they drink and drive.

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