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Ed ReitherDUI.com was created in 1994 to provide a worldwide service for those interested in drinking and driving research and related fields. His work includes counseling, writing, publishing and networking with leading private, public and government professionals in this area.

In the early days of the web, a San Francisco drug and alcohol counselor found little available on the web in regards to drunk driving. “I had been counseling persons arrested for driving under the influence since 1982 and couldn’t believe there wasn’t place that would give them good information”, says Ed Reither, Founder and Director of DUI.com. That was in 1995, when he started a website at www.dui.com called California Drunk Driving. “I was interested in getting out a balanced perspective on the subject of drunk driving.” With a passion for research and counseling, Reither started putting his San Francisco based “DUI First Offender” coursework on the new website. “It was a great way to provide persons convicted of first offense drunk driving with information that would be helpful and balanced”, Reither recalls.

DUI.com is now more than just a small information portal for those convicted of drunk driving. It is now a national information provider, offering drunk driving and prevention related facts and resources (including DUI / DWI schools, DUI / DWI Attorneys, and laws) for all 50 states. Since its inception, DUI.com has been listed as one of the top DUI and DWI websites on all the major search engines; including Yahoo, MSN and Google. But the site’s popularity continues to grow. Alexa.com, the definitive website ranking authority, puts DUI.com at #1 in the “views on drunk driving” category; #2 in popularity, behind MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), in the “alcohol issues” category.

DUI.com has been on the internet longer than any other drunk driving website – since February, 1996. During their time online they have accumulated a virtual “library” of DUI and DWI related articles and statistics. The DUI Library “provides real information for real people,” says Reither. “It is one of the most extensive pages of alcohol and drug related information available on the web.” Reither has been collecting and posting drunk driving and alcohol information from all kinds of resources since 1982. DUI.com’s library covers an array of topics, including alcoholism and recovery, news articles, statistics, bicycle, airplane, and boat specific postings, department of motor vehicle (DMV) information, license suspension, legislation, drunk driving accident information, DUI / DWI costs and much more.

CertificateThe site also devotes much of its content to the prevention of drunk driving. Reither states that personal breath testers, or breathalyzers, are one of the most effective tools available to help prevent drunk driving. From his work with DUI and DWI offenders, Reither understands that most of those who drink and drive are not alcoholics, but social users. “Most of our clients,” Reither says, “are between the ages of 25 and 40; regular working people with functional lives who went out to celebrate a birthday or a wedding and drank too much. I stress prevention to my clients.”

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