Drivers Help Stop Florida DUI Suspect

Just past midnight, in the early minutes of Tuesday morning, a Florida woman driving northbound hit a median and went airborne, crashed through a traffic sign and ended up in southbound traffic lanes. The driver continued on as if nothing happened, heading directly into oncoming traffic. Witnesses called 911 and some drivers began following her.

The woman, identified as Sharon E. Dizon, pulled into a parking lot where the other motorists confronted her. She was asked to turn off her car and she instead turned off her headlights. She then drove off. Her pursuers watch her hit the curb a few times as she drove two miles without her headlights. When she eventually drifted into another parking lot, at least three other vehicles blocked her in.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper reported that as he arrived on the scene, the Good Samaritans were still trying to get Dizon to turn off her car and surrender her keys. When she saw the trooper she shut off the ignition and threw her keys into the hole of the missing car stereo.

As Dizon exited the vehicle she was unable to stand without leaning on the car door. She told the officer that she was looking for her boyfriend. When asked if she knew she had hit the median, she said, “I didn

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