Driver Accused of Operating School Bus While Drunk

Formal charges were filed against a school bus driver accused of operating a bus while under the influence of alcohol. Reportedly the driver became inebriated during a dinner break at a steakhouse and sports grille in Portage Michigan. Witnesses in the restaurant thought the driver was drunk, so they contacted the police. The driver managed to drive to a local mall and pick-up 36 eighth and ninth grade students and three teachers around 6:00 pm, at the end of an all-day field trip.

Jennifer Lynne Moore was charged with DUI in Michigan, child endangerment and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated with an occupant under the age of 16. Her blood alcohol content was .16%, more than 10 times the limit for a school bus operator.

Moore, 47, was hired by the Coloma School District in 2009. A school superintendent said a background check was performed, though it was recently learned that Moore had a prior conviction for Georgia DUI on her record. The school said it would review its hiring and employee background policy to avoid similar incidents.

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