Drive Thru Could Lead to DUI

DUI FriesPolice in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey, British Columbia have heard enough stories from fast-food employees about drunk drivers using drive-thru windows for late-night snacks that they set up a unique sting operation.

Project WULF, which stands for Would U Like Fries, places plainclothes police officers inside fast-food restaurants near the drive-thru window. If either the police officer or restaurant employee notices possible signs of inebriation, like the smell of alcohol, a spacey look or slurred speech, a second nearby officer is alerted. That officer stops the motorist for suspicion of drinking and driving.

The restaurants have cooperated with the police, citing the regular presence of drunk drivers. The police in turn avoid interrupting the restaurant operations, giving full control to the manager of the facility.

The drunk driving campaign was initiated late last year and it has reportedly led to ten driving under the influence arrests and numerous suspensions. The RCMP plans to use Project WULF in Surrey throughout 2008.

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