Double DUI

Double D.U.I

October 11, 2006

A Somerset County man is arrested not once, but twice, for two D.U.I’s
within two hours.

Police say Edward Singer of Somerset County was pulled over Tuesday
morning and arrested after they saw him make a traffic violation.
However, that wasn’t his only run-in with the law.

20-year-old Singer was later released and his car was impounded. But,
police say just a half-hour after being released, he was picked up

This time, Singer was driving a different car. Police say they were
alerted to the car as Singer was driving it down Patriot Street without
its headlights on. When the officer approached the driver, he realized it
was Singer who had just been released from custody two hours ago.

But how could Singer even get back on the road that quickly after
being arrested for drunk driving?

A police officer said, “The state of the law is that we released them
on misdemeanor waiver.

Essentially, most often, we attempt to release them in the care and
control of another party such as family member, roommate and typically
it’s very successful.”

According to the police report, Singer was released at his residence
after the first arrest. It doesn’t indicate if he was released to a
family member or friend.


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