Doctor Of The Year, Kristin Howard, Busted For DUI

Doctor Of The Year, Kristin Howard, Busted For DUI

Dr. Kristin Howard, 56, a recipient of the prestigious Doctor of the Year award, was arrested for DUI and drug possession on November 9, 2012 after being involved in a collision. Howard can be seen in a traffic camera speeding out of a Whole Foods market parking lot before hitting a median, momentarily becoming airborne, and eventually crashing into another vehicle. Paul McDonald, 78, was driving the car that Howard hit, causing his car to then crash into a truck passing by. McDonald was taken to the same hospital that Howard works at, Newton-Wellesley, and treated for a hematoma in his leg and 2 cracked ribs. Dr. Kristen Howard was arrested for DUI and drug possession after police found both class C and E controlled substances in her vehicle.

They also found that Howard had written some of the prescriptions for herself. Howard has plead not-guilty to seven charges and has been released on her own recognizance, however, she has been relieved of her duties at the hospital she works at. McDonald, the man that Howard hit, has no hard feelings in the matter and said, “Poor woman’s probably got more problems than I’ll ever have, so let it go with that“. When police initially questioned Howard at the scene of the accident, she was still wearing her scrubs and allegedly told them that she was heading to work, then changed her story and said she was on the way home. Howard’s attorney said in court that her client has been suffering from personal issues and “has a reputation for trying to save lives” Dr. Kristen Howard has been ordered to stay sober and is scheduled to appear in court again on January 7, 2013.

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