DMV Sending Out Non Completion Notices

DMV Not Up To Date With Program Completion Forms

Here is a letter from the Director of Programs of DPI, Edd Conboy,
addressing a problem clients (of First Offender Programs). Many clients
who have completed the program and are receiving letters from the DMV
stating that they have not received a NOTICE OF COMPLETION and therefore
they have 120 days to complete the program!

We’ve been getting a lot of calls from clients who have completed the
program, and sent the DMV completion certificate to Sacramento. The DMV
has sent a letter to them saying that they have not completed and are not
in compliance. It give them 120 days to complete.

I called DMV last week. They said that their computer program is
outdated and, since they can’t keep track of who has completed and who
hasn’t, they are sending the letters to everyone, regardless of the fact
that they have met all the requirements. The analyst there suggested that
clients “check back with the DMV in a couple of “months” to see if the
records have been updated.

She had no suggestions in case the records are not up to date. It may
be good to alert clients and atorneys of this situation to avoid
unnecessary panic attacks.

end of letter

So, if you have received a letter from the DMV telling you that you
haven’t finished the program just let it be known that it is a computer
problem and will hopefully be fixed before the 120 days!!!!

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