NY Governor Declares New Drunk Driving Regulations


NY Governor Declares New Drunk Driving Regulations

NY Governor Declares New Drunk Driving Regulations

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, has announced new drunk driving regulations. The new regulations basically state that if a motorist has had a minimum of three alcohol or drug related driving charges throughout a 25-year period and then happens to get just one more “serious driving offense,” the individual will “permanently lose their driver’s license.” In addition, the same regulations apply if an individual accumulates five alcohol or drug related charges throughout their lifetime.

Cuomo told the public, “We are saying ‘enough is enough’ to those who have chronically abused their driving privileges and threatened the safety of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.” Moreover, he hopes that these new regulations will help to keep New York streets safer. According to studies, drunk drivers in New York annually kill more than 300 individuals and cause injuries to more than 6,000.

Cuomo’s office explained that a “serious driving offense” constitutes “a fatal crash, a driving-related penal law conviction, an accumulation of 20 or more points assessed for driving violations within the last 25 years, or having two or more driving convictions each worth five points or higher.” However, they made it clear that in any given case that motorists have three or four alcohol or drug related charges but have NOT received a “serious driving offense” in the past 25 years, harsh consequences will still be enforced. For example, they may be required to have an interlock installed on their automobile, have license reinstatement requests denied, or restrictions to drive to and from work or on medical visits. The DMV predicts that in cause of these new regulations, about 20,000 motorists will permanently lose their driver’s license by the end of this year.

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