Ditka’s Son Tests Positive for Drugs While Waiting for DUI Trial

Ditka’s Son Tests Positive for Drugs While Waiting for DUI Trial

Ditka's Son Tested Positive for Drugs While Waiting for DUI Trial

According to sources, Mark E. Ditka, tested positive for opiates during a pre-trial screening that occurred this Friday. Ditka is the son of former Chicago Bears coach, Mike Ditka. In addition to that, Ditka is currently facing DUI and drug possession charges from a recent arrest.

Officials from Lake County noted that “the positive drug test by 49-year-old Mark Ditka could result in his bond being revoked and the Deerfield man being jailed while his drunk driving and drug cases proceed.” Judge Brian Hughes proceeded with the DUI hearing until Tuesday.

However, he strictly instructed Ditka to  provide the court with proof of documentation to account for the opiates. Hughes warned him, “You’re going to have a lot of trouble with the court if you can’t verify that prescription.” Hughes adjourned the proceedings for more than two hours after  Ditka proclaimed that he had a medical prescription for the opiates that were detected in the drug test. However, Ditka was unable to obtain any documentation from his pharmacy and failed to present evidence to the courts. He blamed the pharmacy’s computer system for failing to provide a prescription and claimed, “I swear on my children’s lives I have a prescription.”

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