Detroit Rapper Sent to Jail for DUI

Last summer rapper Royce DA 5’9" was arrested and charged with DWI in Oakland County, Michigan. Now the Detroit native and Eminem protege has been sentenced to jail for one year for a probation violation stemming from that DWI arrest.

Despite a recommendation from probation officers for parole or 30 days in jail, the judge imposed a one-year jail term. That has lead supporters and members of the hip hop industry to feel the rapper was made an example and that options may exist for a challenge to the judge’s decision. A source close to the rapper and founder of M.I.C.
Records told that "normally the judge takes the probation people’s recommendations but they sentenced him to a year because they wanted him to think about it."

Born Royce Montgomery, Royce DA 5’9" starred on the song ‘Rock City’ and he has recently been working with DJ Premiere and DJ Butter on albums. A relationship between Royce and Eminem went sour after Eminem signed 50 Cent to his Shady Records label.
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