Detroit Lions Coach Arrested for DUI

Joe CullenJoe Cullen, the Detroit Lions assistant coach for the defensive line, was arrested twice in just eight days. On August 24 he was charged with indecent and obscene conduct for being nude while driving his 2006 Ford Explorer. There is no explanation as to why Cullen was nude though the Detroit Lions’ organization has stated alcohol was involved. The ticket issued by the Dearborn, Michigan police states Cullen was "driving on public street without any clothes on. (NUDE)."

On September 1 Cullen was arrested again in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn for suspicion of DUI. He was stopped shortly before midnight after a Lions exhibition game. His blood alcohol readings were .12. The legal threshold for drunk driving in Michigan is .08.

In 2003 Cullen was reprimanded for slapping an Indiana football player on the helmet in an attempt to get him ‘fired up’. In the spring of 2005 Cullen was fired from the football program at the University of Mississippi after an alcohol related arrest at a local restaurant. He was employed by the University of Illinois before being recruited by the Detroit Lions. The Athletic Director at Ole Miss said that he was never contacted by the Detroit Lions for a character reference.

The 38 year-old Cullen apologized to fans and the Detroit Lion’s organization, and he has reportedly requested help in seeking treatment. He is scheduled to appear in court next week on both the driving nude and DUI charges.

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