Detective Gets Arrested and Charged With DUI

Detective Gets Charged With DUI

CBS 6 reported that during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a Virginia detective was charged with a DUI. The detective, Jack Larry, was arrested for DUI and refusal to submit to a breath test. Larry was driving a 2013 Volkswagen on Interstate-64 when police officials stopped him for speeding. According to the news story, it was at that moment that the legal officers smelled an alcohol odor on Larry and realized that he was probably intoxicated. Todd Stone, a legal analyst, told sources, “… you consent to have a sample of your breath taken if there’s probable cause for DUI…If you refuse the test, and you’re found guilty, it means an automatic one-year suspension of your license.”

Surprisingly, alongside Larry rode the assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Richmond. The assistant,  Brooke Pettit,  was charged with being drunk in public. It is unclear as to why Pettit received that charge. Stone stated, “It’s pretty uncommon to see a passenger charged with drunk in public…there has to be very visual proof that something is in your system to be charged with that…” It was determined that Larry is currently on administrative leave. No further information was released pertaining Larry’s DUI or Pettit’s legal situation.

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