Deputy's Conduct Jeopardizes Florida DUI Cases

A Broward County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with misdemeanor battery after two women filed complaints that he had touched them inappropriately. Charles E. Grady is accused of touching the women during traffic stops. His actions have lead prosecutors to reduce or drop charges in dozens of cases in which Grady was involved, including cases of driving under the influence in Florida.

The sheriff’s office said that Grady engaged in ‘inappropriate contact’ with two women. In one case he was involved with testing a female suspected of drunk driving in Broward County. The woman’s defense attorney said that Grady touched her in a way that was “not within the parameters of his job.” A second incident involved a 20-year old woman who reported Grady’s touching to Fort Lauderdale police, who began an investigation. The contact was described as “deliberate and unwelcome.”

Grady, 39, had been with the BSO for 12 years and served on the Florida DUI task force for a period of time. He arrested 303 motorists on suspicion of DUI in Broward County in 2007, earning him special recognition. Since the filing of the battery charges, Grady has resigned from the force. An internal investigation is still being conducted and Grady is scheduled to be arraigned on May 13.

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