Deputy Killed By Drunk Driver

Deputy Killed By Drunk Driver

WFAA reported that a sheriff’s deputy in North Texas has died and authorities have arrested a repeat drunk driver for allegedly hitting him while he was directing traffic. According to the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, Ricky Trent Stanley ran over Deputy Chad Christian Key, on Saturday evening while Key was directing traffic near U.S. Highway 82.  Stanley, who is a local from Whitesboro, was arrested after fleeing the scene of crime. Key, who had only been on patrol duty for about two months, was immediately taken to the the local hospital and pronounced dead. He left behind his wife and three sons with ages 20, 10, and two months. It was noted that drunk driver Stanley, of 28 years old, had two previous DWI charges but was let out in August after paying a $10,000 bond. Stanley’s drunk driving test results have not been released, and the bond has not been set to include the new charges:  intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, failing to stop and render aid, driving with an invalid license, and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

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