Deputy Jonathan Reifsteck Leads Illinois DUI Arrests

Deputy Jonathan Reifsteck Leads Illinois DUI Arrests

Deputy Jonathan Reifsteck of the Champaign County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois has established himself as one of the county’s leaders in DUI arrests. In fact, he’s become so good at what he does that he’s made nearly 100 DUI arrests so far this year. That accounts for 25% of all DUI arrests made by the 13 law enforcement agencies throughout Champaign County in 2012, just through September 20. His DUI arrests also account for 80% of the arrests made by the entire sheriff’s office patrol division. Reifsteck has worked with the Champaign County sheriff’s office throughout his entire 12-year career and was recently lauded by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorist for his outstanding work.

Reifsteck has several personal observations he makes when trying to assess a possible intoxicated driver including behavior, posture, glassy or bloodshot eyes, odors and slurred speech. Reifsteck recalls one heavily intoxicated driver, saying, “I had one guy who immediately got out and fell on his face, all on video. That definitely helps.”

Reifsteck insists that there is nothing particular about DUI cases that motivate him, instead, he firmly believes they are just a part of his job. The Deputy regularly attends continuing education courses on DUI enforcement and when it comes to his arrest numbers, he says, “I don’t have a goal. If I come across 100 (impaired drivers) I should have 100 arrests.” Fellow officers have publicly praised Reifsteck for his diligence and have also noted how many lives he has likely saved as a result of his work.

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