D.J. Williams Starts DUI Punishment After Superbowl

Denver Broncos Linebacker D.J. Williams Starts DUI Punishment After Superbowl

Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is finally serving his sentence for DUI. He was arrested on November 12, 2010 for DUI. According to NY Daily News, he has been sentenced to 30 days of house arrest that he can begin after the end of the season. After a lengthy court process, the judge sentenced Williams to house arrest beginning on Febuary 7, 2013. In addition to his house arrest, Williams must also complete 2 years probation, 56 hours of community service, pay $2,390 in court costs and attend alcohol education classes. Though Williams was originally arrested for DUI, a jury later found him guilty of the lesser charge of driving while ability impaired. Williams is currently serving a 3 game suspension mandated by the NFL since his conviction.

Williams has had run-ins with the law previously. Before beginning his current suspension period, he had just completed a separate 6 game suspension he received for violating the NFL’s performance enhancing substance policy. Since the start of the season, Williams has been banned from his team headquarters and is not allowed to practice or speak with the media until his suspension is over. His lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, said “We thought it was a fair and appropriate sentence given all the circumstances“. D.J. Williams was originally pulled over for driving without his headlights on, however, after failing several field sobriety tests, he was placed under arrest for DUI. Williams is expected to resume practice on November 12, 2012.

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