Dad Abandons Children in Car After DUI Crash

Dad Abandons Children in Car After DUI Crash

Sources stated that on Tuesday evening, a Salt Lake City man “allegedly abandoned his two young children injured in his wrecked car while he fled from the scene of a traffic accident.” The 27 year old father was immediately taken to prison. Police officials claimed  that roughly around 8:25 p.m., he rear-ended another vehicle near 600 S. 700 East. He then fled from the scene of crime on foot, but left his kids alone.

The children, which were of ages nine and two, only received a couple of minor injuries. However, they were still taken to the nearest hospital for a medical evaluation. Salt Lake City police personnel stated that after the evaluation, the children were released to one of their family members. Legal officials communicated with the father via cell phone and persuaded him to come back to the crime scene.

After much delegation, legal personnel stated that “the 27-year-old man was arrested and booked into Salt Lake County jail, where he remained Wednesday in lieu of $4,956 bail.” He received multiple charges for DUI, having an expired license, and one count for hit and run.

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