Croc’s founder George Boedecker arrested for DUI

George Boedecker
Croc’s Founder George Boedecker’s DUI Mugshot

On Sunday, August 12, 2012 police officers in Boulder, Colorado were in for quite the night when they responded to a call about a man being passed out in his 2010 Porsche making some interesting claims, to say the least. Medics had already begun treating the man when officers arrived and immediately described him as drunk as crap. That man was George Boedecker, whose famous style of shoes, known as “Croc’s”, you may be wearing.

Police reports state that Boedecker told officers he had pulled over to take a nap, then changed his story shortly thereafter, saying his girlfriend was driving and ran away after an argument between the two. Then, when the officers questioned Boedecker on the identity of his mysterious girlfriend he replied, “she’s really f*cking famous” and “batsh*t crazy”. He later revealed to police that that girl was famous singer Taylor Swift…who was actually about 2,000 miles away in Massachusetts. Boedecker then became verbally abusive with police officers when they attempted to question him further. Upon asking for Boedeckers address, he replied, “I have 17 f*cking homes” and when they placed him under arrest he continued with “Go f*ck yourselves in the a**”. If convicted of DUI, Boedecker could face jail time, hefty fines and license suspension. Taylor Swift, has not made any statement regarding Boedeckers ridiculous claims.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, call an experienced Colorado DUI attorney.

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