Couple Killed By Drunk Driver

Couple Killed By Drunk Driver

The San Francisco Chronicle reported  that in Menlo Park, a couple was killed by a drunk driver. On Thursday evening,  Balbir Singh and Kamal Kaur had been walking their dog when they were hit and killed by drunk driver, Marjorie Reitzell. It was reported that the vehicle continued to drive over the center divider, clipped a car traveling in the other direction and came to rest against a tree. Luckily, none of the people in the second car were injured.

One of the couple’s nephew, Gulzara Singh, stated that Balbir Singh and Kamal Kaur were only about 10 minutes away from home. Apparently, the couple took nightly walks with their Chihuahua on a daily basis. “They would walk this route every single day… nothing had ever happened before on this road,” said Singh. The couple lived with their three teenage children. According to the news story, the couple’s Chihuahua survived the accident but received serious head injuries and was taken to the Peninsula Humane Society.

It was determined that the drunk driver, Reitzell, was a repeat drunk driver. She had been previously convicted of drunk driving in November in connection with an incident two months earlier. Also, at the time of the accident, Reitzell was on probation and her driver’s license was valid. She was taken to Stanford Medical Center for minor injuries and arrested for suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and DUI.

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