County Has Been Misallocating Funds from Pennsylvania DUI

It has been learned that fees collected for an arrest for driving under the influence in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania have not been transferred to the appropriate accounts. The error means that the county has been breaking state law since 1999.

The law stipulates that when state police are involved in an arrest for Pennsylvania DUI, the Commonwealth gives half of the fees and fines collected to the county where the arrest occurred. That money is to be equally split between the county prison system and the county drug and alcohol program.

Schuykill County however has been placing the monies in a general use fund, and not delivering them to the prisons or the rehabilitation program. The amount misallocated is estimated to be nearly $200,000.

County officials expressed confusion, with several using the excuse that they were new to office and did not know about the law. The county commissioner

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