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If you have been arrested for DUI in Boulder, it is imperative that you speak to a Boulder DUI attorney as soon as possible. A DUI defense attorney with experience in Colorado DUI laws will protect your rights in court and ensure you receive the best defense possible throughout your case. Boulder DUI attorney Jennifer Watkins has long-term experience in DUI defenses in Boulder County, Colorado. She uses proven defense strategies and has a thorough knowledge of the DUI laws in Colorado. For help after an arrest for DUI in Boulder County, call 720-573-1344 to speak with Boulder DUI attorney Jennifer Watkins right away to schedule a free initial consultation.

  • Boulder DUI lawyer Jennifer Watkins has been protecting the rights of her clients who face DUI charges for more than 15 years
  • During a FREE initial consultation, you can speak to Boulder DUI Attorney Jennifer Watkins and ask any questions you may have about DUI penalties and about the specifics of your case
  • Jennifer Watkins handles DUI, DUID (driving under the influence of drugs), DWAI (driving while ability impaired), DUI Per Se, DMV Hearings, Driving Permits, and other legal matters involving Colorado impaired driving charges
  • Call immediately to fight your DUI charges and protect your driving privileges

Meet Boulder DUI Attorney Jennifer Watkins

At the Watkins Law Firm in Boulder, DUI Defense Attorney Jennifer Watkins offers experienced and knowledgeable assistance with charges ranging from DUI, DUID, DWAI, to DUI Per Se. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Boulder County, you face serious penalties that can affect you for years to come. DUI convictions go on your permanent criminal record. Do not simply accept the charges; it is important that you fight your DUI with an aggressive legal representative. Jennifer Watkins is a DUI attorney in Boulder who has over 15 years of pertinent experience to fight your DUI case. Only 7 days after an arrest for DUI in Colorado your license goes into automatic suspension. In Colorado, you have only seven days after an arrest for drunk driving to preserve your right to drive. Boulder DUI lawyer Jennifer Watkins will do everything possible to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your DUI case.

Boulder DUI lawyer Jennifer Watkins has extensive experience defending the rights of her clients and protecting their privilege to drive in all DUI legal matters including license suspensions, license revocations, and habitual traffic offender issues. She handles all parts of DUI and DWAI cases from beginning to end with over 15 years of experience in Colorado’s DUI laws.

Going to court without legal representation can be devastating to your case. The DUI laws in Colorado are complex and you may not be aware of all the options that are available to you. The challenges of a DUI case often needs the help of an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney who is ready to fight the prosecutor’s case and ensure the client’s rights are protected. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will be able to exploit weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, investigate whether or not the traffic stop was valid, challenge evidence, and use specific defense options to protect you in court. You may feel overwhelmed and believe that pleading guilty is the easiest option. However, remember that a DUI attorney will ensure you are treated fairly in court. Do not wait to begin fighting your DUI charge. Call the Watkins Law Firm right away at 720-573-1344 to schedule your free initial consultation.

What is Drugged Driving/Marijuana DUI in Colorado?

In Colorado, one can be arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Colorado State Patrol reported in 2014 that roughly 12% of DUI cases involve marijuana. Just as driving under the influence of alcohol can be charged, Marijuana DUI charges can also be penalized with fines, jail time, community service, probation, license suspension, or required participation in drug or alcohol abuse programs. If you were arrested for DUI in Boulder based on marijuana use, call Jennifer Watkins immediately at 720-573-1344 for help.

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Boulder DUI attorney Jennifer Watkins offers a free initial consultation to discuss your Colorado DUI case. Schedule your FREE consultation now by calling 720-573-1344.

DUI Penalties in Colorado

It is important to speak to a Boulder DUI lawyer, because the penalties for a DUI in Boulder County, Colorado are serious. In Colorado, there are two separate issues stemming from a DUI charge. There is an administrative case that deals with your driving privileges. Then, there is the criminal case which is solely related to the criminal penalties for DUI or DWAI. A charge for driving while ability impaired (DWAI) can be issued if a motorist has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) higher than .05, but lower than .08. If you have previous DUI or DWAI convictions, or if your BAC was higher than 0.17 at the time of your arrest, you may be subject to greater penalties. It is important to discuss your case with a DUI attorney in Boulder to find out how your case may be handled in court. DUI convictions may result in high fines, driver’s license suspension, and possibly even jail time.

DUI penalties in Colorado may include up to one year in jail for a first DUI, up to $1,000 in fines, and driver’s license suspension. A second DUI conviction can be penalized with up to 1 year in jail, up to $1,500 in fines, up to 120 hours of community service, and driver’s license suspension. A DUI conviction with a prior DWAI conviction on your record faces different penalties. For each individual case, you may face a different set of penalties. This is why it is important to discuss your case with a DUI defense attorney if you have been arrested for DUI in Boulder County, Colorado.

Schedule a free consultation with Boulder DUI lawyer Jennifer Watkins today by calling 720-573-1344. Boulder DUI lawyer Jennifer Watkins has extensive experience in all DUI Drugged Driving, DWAI and DUI related legal matters including license suspensions, license revocations, and habitual traffic offender issues. She handles all parts of DUI and DWAI cases from beginning to end with over 15 years of experience in Colorado DUI law. Schedule your FREE consultation right away by calling 720-573-1344.

Reviews for Jennifer Watkins, Attorney at Law

Reviews by Actual Clients of
Watkins Law Firm

Rating: 10 out of 10 based on 23 reviews5 Star Review
The best of the best

Ms. Watkins helped my son avoid prison time twice. She’s not only a very, very good attorney but has a kind caring approach to dealing with clients. Her compassionate interest in her clients is not an effort it’s who she is.


Best Possible Outcome

When I was pulled over and arrested in Boulder on DUI charges I was sure I was doomed. I had debated on whether or not to get a lawyer for my DUI case. I am so glad that I decided to be represented and count myself lucky to have found Jennifer Watkins! She was incredibly caring, down to earth and very honest with me. Her hard work allowed me to get on with my life without having to worry about my upcoming trial. She handled everything while still keeping my needs in mind. With her help I received minimum sentencing, which will help me put this ordeal behind me sooner. My future will not be hindered, and it is all thanks to Jennifer Watkins.


Saved me from Prison not once but twice!!!!

Ms. Watkins accepted me as a client after I found her on a general list of attorneys and a friend had hired her and recommended her. I was facing 2 felony charges and 2 misdemeanors. Miraculously she was able to work out an arrangement and fought so damn hard that she got the felonies dropped as well as one misdemeanor. I received a deal for probation for the one misdemeanor. I subsequently messed up my probation and wound up back in court. Instead of jail time I was sure to receive, Ms. Watkins was able to convince the court I would be of more service to society not in a cage or mandatory lockup. Both times I hired Jennifer, she was very caring and kind to me and genuinely cared for my well-being. She is an excellent lawyer and an even better human being! I would highly recommend her to you for any criminal defense needs you have in Boulder as she has worked there forever and knows some judges and the prosecutors. What she did for me I can’t ever repay, as I am now clean from drugs trying to have a better life instead of rotting in a cage! Thank you Jennifer Watkins!


Hands down best lawyer one can ask for!!

I recently got my first DUI. When they say go big or go home that is exactly what I did. My Bac was 313. I knew I was going to be in huge trouble. I did my research on attorneys because I really needed to figure out what steps I needed to take. I came across Jennifer’s ad on the internet and gave her a call. We only talked for an hour and I could tell that she was highly educated in the DUI world. I decided to have her represent me and this was the best choice I’ve made so far. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. Jennifer was extremely useful in helping me through my difficult time. She took her own time to educate me on the DUI process and what was ahead of me. Never making promises she could not keep. I didn’t need or want promises what I needed the real deal and that is exactly what she gave. This really helped me with the overwhelming emotions that I was going through. Jennifer worked extremely hard and was very prepared and focused when I went to court. I could tell this wasn’t her first rodeo because everyone in the Justice field seemed to know and like who she is. There are not enough words to describe how much I appreciate Jennifer and the compassion she took on for my case. Jennifer truly made a difference not only in my life but in my family’s life as well. She helped put back together the broken pieces of my life when I thought it was an impossible task. The ending of my story turned out much better than I could ever of asked for. As crazy as it sounds I did not receive jail time and my sentence was extremely doable. Which proves just how educated and informed Jennifer is in this field. That’s what we all need right? I really recommend Jennifer to represent you in your case. You will not be sorry.


She will win your case for you, she won mine

I am a 60yr old woman and I was charged with a DUI in Colorado. I was 2 days away from moving out of state to relocate. I was confused by the charges and didn’t know what to do. I had an administrative hearing date with DMV and a court date with the DA and judge. I was humiliated, petrified, ashamed and lost. My anxiety levels were through the roof. I realized I needed an attorney in Boulder. I called Jennifer Watkins. She was diligent with returning my phone calls and e-mails. She spoke to me at length and alleviated much of my fear providing me with insight and useful information regarding my case. She was easy to talk to and I knew immediately she would help me. I knew that someone who was smart, compassionate and driven had my back. I was not alone.

She was supportive and provided me with the strength I needed to address this disastrous issue. I was charged with refusal by the DMV which carries a huge consequence. She fought hard and did a great job cross examining the police officer and she won, which resulted in the entire case being permanently dismissed and me being able to keep my driver’s license. Her extensive ability, unending perseverance and ultimate success saved me.

The court and DA demanded I return to Colorado for my day in court. She persuaded them to allow me to stay in Ohio and she would represent me. I had my day in court. It resulted in a fine and community service. No jail time or suspension of license. She conveyed to the court my situation and I received the lowest priced fine. I was astonished at how little consequences I faced based on Jennifer’s hard work. The results were phenomenal. The absolute best I could have hoped for.

It is behind me, I can drive, I have a license and there will be no more consequences. I highly recommend Jennifer Watkins.

Pat Asch

Long Distance

I live out of state, so it was very difficult for me to find someone to represent me in my very old DWI offenses. Jennifer made me feel at ease, and convinced me she could get me a great deal. Well, through her perseverance, determination, and patience she got me the best decision I could have asked for. She was always accessible by email, text, or phone! She made me feel not so far away, by constantly keeping me up to date on the status of my case(s). I would recommend her to anyone who is in or out state, because of her ability to work with the DA and get her clients the best possible outcome. I will be forever grateful for her services!!


Smart and effective

Jennifer was excellent, she worked with the DA to get several charges dropped including all my felony charges with one being reduced to a misdemeanor. I faced possible prison time, but by working with Jennifer and pursuing a plan for rehabilitation, I’m in a much better place now. She was very knowledgeable & detail-oriented in thoroughly fleshing out the possibilities and laying out a plan for mitigating the severity of my charges and sentencing. Always enthusiastic and supportive, and she quickly responded to all of my communication.


An Attorney Who Gets Personally Invested

My family can’t say enough about the help that Jennifer gave to us during a difficult time in our lives. Jennifer was always prompt to respond to every email, phone call and text. This is a quality not easily found in today’s world and incredibly important when you are dealing with the unknown and stress that goes with a DUI in the family. We felt Jennifer went out of her way to help, went the extra mile, and became personally invested in our situation. We would offer our strongest recommendation for anyone wanting that kind of support from an attorney. We are very appreciative of what Jennifer did for us.


A blessing

I got 2 DUI’s within 4 months of each other.
Jefferson and Weld counties.
Weld wanted me to do time as it was my second offense.
They wanted 45 days.
Jenna got me 12 days.
Also the Jefferson County one she got totally dismissed.
She saved me and my family and my job.
I’ve referred others to Mrs. Watkins also all were saved by her.
She's great at what she does and if I ever have any other problems she will be the first I contact.
Most lawyers don’t seem to return phone calls.
Mrs. Watkins kept me updated constantly and helped me understand how the system works.
I couldn’t be more grateful for the professionalism exhibited and the care I felt about my cases.
Thank you so much.


Highly recommended

Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and caring about my case. She was able to help me get multiple charges dropped and got me the minimum sentence. She was there for me emotionally and had every answer to every question I had. Highly recommended! Jennifer is the best.


Best Lawyer/Person you could ask for..

I am not the type of person that is very familiar with the law, mainly because I’ve never been in trouble prior to this, but Jennifer helped me through a very difficult situation more than I could have ever asked for. I was pulled over for swerving outside of Estes Park after hearing that my dad was in a terrible car accident and was hospitalized. I had no intention of driving that night. Needless to say my swerving on the road as a result of drinking was very obvious. This all happened only months after I lost my boyfriend from a heart-attack, the man I thought I was going to marry, the man that I had been dating for half of my life (I’m 23). I felt very hopeless and at a very low point in my life. Jennifer not only made me comfortable and much more ease with every step of the process of almost getting a DUI, but also got my charges dropped from a DUI to all the minimums of a DWAI (with no fines aside from the court fees!). She was incredible. She saved me from something that I spent many sleepless nights worrying about. I could not thank her enough. She is a wonderful lawyer and even better at showing she truly cares. I could have not asked for a better outcome nor representative for myself in the courtroom.


10/10 Would Recommend

I got a DUI in Boulder County and had no idea what to do or even where to begin. I contacted Jennifer and she thoroughly explained everything that I needed to do. Not being from Colorado I was not available to attend any of my court appearances, and she took care of everything for me. She was polite and knowledgeable with every conversation we had. Compared to a friend of mine who was in a similar situation with a differed lawyer, my sentencing was lighter and I felt extremely lucky. If I were to go back in time, I would not change a thing. She is great. 10/10.


Exceptional service

Jennifer Watkins was an absolutely exceptional attorney for me. Not only was she able to get multiple charges dropped, she was a strong emotional support during an incredibly stressful journey as well. I highly recommend her services.


Great attorney

Jennifer took the time to make sure we understood the case and how she would handle everything. She kept us informed, and made us feel comfortable as the case proceeded.


Works Miracles

When I was charged with a repeat DUI offense, I was beside myself with shame and dread for my future. I knew I was probably toast, but also knew that I would need representation if I didn’t want the entire book thrown at me. I contacted and spoke with several lawyers, but ultimately made my decision to hire Jennifer Watkins before the end of our phone conversation. Aside from the details of my case, she took the time to get to know me as a person. Her human touch, combined with her knowledge of the law, went far toward putting me at ease about my situation.

Our case wound up lasting nearly eight months. Throughout that time, Jennifer explained every step of the process in ways that I could understand and was quick to return my calls whenever I had any concerns. She advised me as to things I could do to help my case and to present myself to the court in the best light possible, and forced me to remain optimistic despite the long period of uncertainty.

Towards the end, I was looking at mandatory jail time, although Jennifer had worked out as light a sentence as I could hope for. Then at sentencing, she was able to use some late mistakes made on the prosecution side to our advantage and managed to keep me out of jail altogether. I’m still amazed by that, and so thankful that I hired Jennifer Watkins as my attorney. I’m now able to move on with my life and free to live it.

I don’t plan on again getting into the sort of trouble that would require it, but would not hesitate to call on Jennifer Watkins for legal representation in the future. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who finds themselves in legal trouble.


Jennifer is the best attorney

Jennifer is the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She kept me completely apprised of everything that was happening with my case along the way. She was completely prepared and had me completely prepared when we went to court. She is extremely intelligent and articulate. I liked her from the first moment I spoke to her on the phone. I never had any doubts about her ability to help me out of the trouble I had gotten myself into. She presented all the supporting facts to the judge on my behalf in such a way that she was able to prevent me from going to jail. I will forever be indebted to her.


Excellent attorney! Would definitely recommend.

Jennifer got me the best plea I could ever hope for. Because of her arguments the judge cut my sentence in half allowing me to get back to my normal life in less than 2 weeks. She’s always there to answer my calls and texts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Best Lawyer I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot.

Thomas K

Great Representation

Ms. Watkins was a very professional attorney. Her representation of my case helped me tremendously and the outcome was what I had expected. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


After working with Jennifer

Not knowing anything about the law and what happens after a DUI, Jennifer was very skilled about helping me understand what was going to happen throughout the process. I’m glad I had Jennifer on my side through all of it, she is great at her chosen for profession.

Trust and believe in her she is that good, she will help you get through it all.


Knowledgeable, Personable, Gets The Job Done

I recently sought out the law services of Jennifer Watkins for a DUI I received. Hiring Jennifer was the best decision I could have ever made. She exceeded all of my expectations and went above and beyond for me. She is extremely personable, yet incredibly professional at the same time. She is also very knowledgeable, knowing exactly what steps to take to create a successful outcome. When I received the DUI, I was on probation from a previous incident, and I found out I was facing 2 years in jail. I had immense anxiety as I faced the unknown of my future. I decided to hire Jennifer on for this case as well.

Her years of legal experience, as well as her calm, soothing demeanor shone through, as she guided me through exactly what needed to be done in order to assure the best possible outcome. Her approach to law is straightforward, innovative and creative. Through her hard work and determination, she was able to get the DA to revoke the probation violation charges! Jennifer Watkins literally saved my life. For the DUI, she was able to get me the lowest charge possible, making me able to move forward with my life with expedience and ease.

I highly recommend the law services of Jennifer Watkins.


Felony case

I would recommend Ms. Watkins to take care of your criminal case. She is very helpful, knows what she is doing and cares about helping her clients. Ms. Watkins helped me on a felony charge, and I ended up getting the best outcome that we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend her for your case. She is also very personable, very nice to work with.

A Client

Attentive, Compassionate, and Professional

The first thing I noticed about Jennifer was how nice and cheerful she was. There was never any sales pitch “if you hire me” after I explained my case Jennifer said that she wanted to help me. She was always upfront and honest with me. I went into my DWAI case expecting to lose my license, which in turn would make me lose my job, my car and everything I worked so hard for. From the beginning Jennifer told me that she would make sure that I kept my license and that I would have no jail time. She kept me informed as the case progressed and even worked around my hectic schedule. She told me all of the options that I had and explained in detail how going forward in each path to fight my case would look and made sure I was prepared for everything, even what to say to the judge. Jennifer’s approach was much different than what I would expect from a lawyer. It seemed to me more like a friend looking out for me. Being a previous felon I expected to get max or almost max punishment. Jennifer was able to get them to overlook my past and got me the very minimum that I could get! She kept true to her promises and I feel like I made a new friend. From the bottom of my heart thank you Jennifer!


Real Person – Very Effective.

I hired Jennifer to resolve a traffic matter for me and she was able to reduce it for me so there was little cost and no impact on my driving record. She usually handles DUI’s but in this case she knew the system and I felt taken care of. The value of the service actually resulted in saving money.

A Car Accident Client

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