Colorado Amends Drunk Boating Laws

Colorado has toughened its Boating Under the Influence laws, making them consistent with the offense of Driving Under the Influence. The legal threshold for intoxication was lowered from .10% to .08%.

It also makes the operation of any waterborne vessel subject to a drunk boating arrest. Previously the Colorado BUI laws covered motorboats and sailboats. The new legislation expands the law to anything powered by motor, paddle or oar, including jet skis, kayaks, canoes and rafts.

BUI penalties can include a jail term, fines, a restriction on use of the watercraft and community service.

The new law comes at a time when police officers across the state are cracking down on drunk driving in Colorado. The drunk boating law will be enforced by Colorado Park Rangers and county peace officers. Colorado is the 38th state to apply a blood alcohol content limit to watercraft.

If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence in Colorado you need to hire a CO DUI Lawyer.

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