Cobb County Police Officer Charged with Georgia DUI

Georgia State Patrol troopers report an accident that led to the arrest of a Cobb County police captain Saturday morning for drunken driving. Cuauctemoc Rosas was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of a highway in Douglas County around 2:00 am when he struck Cpt. David Gallmon. The responding GSP officer detected alcohol on Gallmon’s breath and suspected he was driving under the influence in Georgia. Gallmon refused to submit to a breath test, and he was taken to the Douglas County Jail and booked for GA DUI. Gallmon posted a $1000 bond and was released.

Gallmon, 48, is the head of the Cobb County Police Department’s Precinct 2 in the southwest area of the county. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. The other motorist, Rosas was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in central Atlanta. The GSP says he will be facing charges.

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