City Chauffeur Charged with NY DWI

A New York City chauffeur was arrested for driving while intoxicated in NY on January 1. Nathaniel Chambers was on his way to pick up Commissioner Robert Hess and drive him to a 2010 inauguration ceremony when he was stopped on the Triborough Bridge. Chambers pulled up to the toll booth around 10:20 am, driving in the EZ-Pass lane without a pass. He had a flashing red light on the dashboard, and explained to the toll collector that he was in a hurry to pick up Hess.

MTA Bridge and Tunnel officers responding to the scene said that Chambers could barely stand when he exited the vehicle. Chambers reportedly became angry with the officers and refused to submit to a breath test to check blood alcohol content. According to the arrest report, even without a test being properly executed, the Breathalyzer equipment registered a BAC of .089% while the breathing tube was in front of Chambers

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