Cincinnati Bengals' Football Player Arrested for DUI

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman was arrested for drunk driving early Monday morning. Around 3 am a police officer working near a sobriety check point saw Thurman cross a double yellow line and stopped the vehicle for suspicion of DUI. Thurman was taken to the checkpoint where he was asked to perform a breathalyzer test. His BAC was 0.18, more than twice the legal limit. Thurman was released to a sober companion and teammate who drove him home.

The former University of Georgia player has been serving a four game suspension imposed by the NFL for a substance abuse violation. He had just one game to go before being allowed to re-join the team. Thurman could now be suspended for a year from the national football league.

Thurman is the sixth Bengals‘ player arrested in the past year and his DUI arrest occurred less than a week after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell visited the Bengals and reminded them of their responsibility to stay out of trouble. He asked the players to represent the league with honor.

Head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin Lewis, said Thurman "just obviously doesn’t understand the privilege and the right to play in the National Football League."

The typical sentence for a first-time Ohio DUI offense is a short jail term, a fine of $500 and the requirement to participate in an alcohol education program. Thurman however could receive a tougher sentence because of his high blood alcohol content.

A court appearance for the DUI charge is scheduled for October 2, the day Thurman was to return to the team.

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