Cat Cora Pleads No Contest In California DUI Case

Cat Cora Pleads No Contest In California DUI Case

Cat Cora Pleads No Contest In California DUI Case

Cat Cora, 45, a celebrity chef with “Iron Chef: America” has entered a plea of “no contest” regarding her arrest for DUI earlier this year. Cora was arrested on June 17 after she rear ended another vehicle in Santa Barbara, California. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed that Cora was displaying symptoms of alcohol intoxication. After administering two breathalyzer tests, authorities found her blood alcohol content(BAC) to be .20% and .19%, more than double the legal limit of .08%.

Cora also submitted a blood test, which showed her BAC level to be .19% and admitted to having 3 bottles of beer before driving that night. Deputy District Attorney Gary Gemberling has stated that Cat Cora entered a plea of “no contest” and will not face any jail time, as long she successfully completes three years probation. Cora has also been required to pay nearly $2,400 in fines and cannot drive at any time with a measurable amount of alcohol in her system. The celebrity chef will also have to pack a 9 month alcohol education class into her busy schedule.

Cat Cora has gone on the record saying, “I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening after my designated driver became unavailable” and “this will never happen again“.

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